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107 poems reflecting a lifetime well chosen, well spent, in the presence of these noble creatures. 
Including 30 previously unpublished works, 25 photos, introduction and textual notes on most poems

Virginia Bennett has been performing cowboy poetry for the last 15 years. A regular guest at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, Virginia has also shared her work at the Smithsonian Institute, and had been featured many times on PBS and NPR specials. Virginia has been working on Western ranches since 1971, alongside her ranch manager husband, Pete. She started colts for the public for 20 years,  has shown hunter/jumpers, driven draft teams for a living, and drawn cowboy wages on big outfits. She continues to write for many publications as well as reciting original, traditional verse.

"I really admire Virginia Bennett's work. She not only has total command of the English language, she also has the ability to use the language in a manner that paints a vivid picture of her subject matter and creates emotion in the reader. Virginia is one of the great poets of our time and I am proud to call her my friend. Her work will live forever. Enjoy this new collection. You won't be disappointed."   

Red Steagall Official Cowboy Poet of Texas and host of 
the nationally syndicated radio show, Cowboy Corner

"Virginia Bennett is one of the rare writers whose words evoke an immediate, authentic sense of place. She leads readers through worlds forged by her experience, spirit, wisdom and humor, and the journeys are memorable."
Margo Metegrano, editor www.cowboypoetry.com and The Big Roundup

"Virginia, you're gettin' out of our league. Now, the poem "Tapestry of Knots," slidin' in those 'yesternews' and 'traveling at the speed of ink,' just sparkle on top of a deep, disquieting pool of a poem."
Baxter Black, cowboy poet

"Virginia Bennett's poetry celebrates the traditions and reality of the American west. She has a fresh eye and a distinctive voice that confirm her standing as a true poet."
Sir Christopher Ball, chancellor of the University of Derby, Oxford, England

In The Company of Horses also includes a chapter of cowboy poetry for cowkids, titled "Whistle Britches," complete with photos. About this selection of children's poetry, respected author Teresa Jordan writes: "Cowboy Poetry has finally found its Dr. Seuss. In these delightful poems for children, Virginia Bennett weaves her playful celebrations of language with a lifelong knowledge of the rhythms of work and nature. This great-hearted collection is a rare gift for children of all ages."

Other Books that Virginia has written or edited
"Cowgirl Poetry, One Hundred Years of Ridin' and Rhymin'"

She is also the editor of Cowboy Poetry: The Reunion, published by Gibbs Smith Publishing.  The book was printed in celebration of the 20th Annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Elko, Nevada
She has published volumes of her poetry, including "Canyon of the Forgotten" and "Legacy of the Land" For more information on these books or to read more about Virginia, please visit our friends at CowboyPoetry.com . Virginia has been a featured guest on CowboyPoetry.com and many of her poems are listed on the site.
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Dally and Me

They had no way of knowin'
What they were doin' that day.
Those two boys outside the sale barn
Didn't know what they were givin' away.

They had a box full of puppies,
Each one was black and white.
Two just laid in there, dreamin:
While the other two were on the fight.

I didn't really want a dog,
The ranch was peaceful as it was.
But I couldn't resist one of those scrappers,
His big brown eyes and black fuzz.

So I took him home and put him
In a box behind the woodstove.
His instincts dreamed of cattle
And of the fields he's someday rove.

We had a real rough winter
And workin' horses was out of the question.
So every day, out where the snow had been plowed,
Me and "Dally" had a cowdog session.

He learned to obey voice commands
Like "stay," and "back" and "here."
And I could send him out on a wide swing
And to the left or rights, make him veer.

The skills he learned that winter
Served ol' Dally his whole life long
And I wondered how I'd ever survived
Before that Border Collie came along.

For fifteen years, that faithful dog
Has been my right hand man.
He's been my pal and helper,
Willin' to do anything that he can.

But, now, things have come full circle,
And again he spends most of his time
Curled up behind the old woodstove.
As he dozes, he whimpers and whines.

But those boys had no way of knowin'
That they'd altered my plans, it seems,
For I'll never look at life the same way again
When ol' Dally goes herdin' his dreams.

1997, Virginia Bennett

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