Weyerts School Of Engraving

Johny Weyerts School of Engraving

Johny Weyerts 2002 Academy of Western Artists
Engraver of the Year

Johny Weyerts School of Engraving

Johny Weyerts furnishes GRS equipment and tools during five-day (40 hour ) workshops which he teaches several times each year.
Each class is limited to five students providing you with a great learning opportunity with lots of personal attention.

Johny engraves on a full-time basis at his studio in Alpine, Texas.
He engraves firearms and silver, two related, but different engraving skills.
He has created engraving art for Larry Hagman, Johnny Cash, Brad Johnson, Tom Selleck, Al Micallef and others who readily admire his work.

Beginning classes have a great emphasis on proper tool sharpening as well as learning to draw scrolls for silver and for gun engraving (two different concepts). Flower designs and varied leaf designs are also presented. Sound layout principals, transferring patterns, and proper cutting procedures are all taught in the beginning class. Each student will engrave a belt buckle. You will learn a lot plus have fun learning it!

If you want to learn western-bright-cut engraving or gun engraving, Johny will start you out right.
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For future class dates and more detailed information  call:
1-800-687-2969 .